Guarantee Policy, guarantees this product in all of its components and workforce during 12 months, starting the date of acquirement against any manufacturing and operating defects during normal and domestic use of this product. guarantees the buyer the abscence of any manufacturing and operating anomalies including pieces and components of the product or anything refering to the materials.

  1. This policy protects only the products commercialized by, through its authorized distributors inside the Mexican Republic.
  2. To make valid this guarantee, it would be necessary to present this policy (original) with the information required in the table below with the physical product and with all the accessories that integrates it:
Model: Sello del Distribuidor
Serial Number:
Invoice Number:
Delivery Date:
  1.  In case of loosing the policy it would be necessary to present the original invoice with the serial number of the product.

  2. could use new pieces, restored, or used in good conditions to repair or replace any product, without any aditional cost to the consumer, as long as the warranty period stipulated isn’t over.

  3. In case that the product doesn’t have arrangement, it would be changed for a similar product or for one with superior characteristics.

  4.  The time of repair won’t be longer than 30 natural days since the date of reception of the product by or by Authorized Service Centers.

  5. In case that doesn’t count with an Authorized Service Center in the client’s city, the client will have to pay the shipping cost to the nearest point and will pay the cost of the returning shipment to the client once the service is fulfilled, within the warranty period.

Exclusions: will not make valid this policy in the next cases:

  • When the product had been used under other conditions than the normal.

  • When the product hasn’t been operated according the instructive that’s included.

  • When the product would have been modified or repaired by unauthorized people by

To make valid this guarantee, as well as the acquisition of components, consumable parts and accessories request more information in or go to any Authorized Service Center.

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