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Qian 8ch NVR Kit with 5MP POE Bullet Camera 4PCS with 1T HDD - SKU: QET-N0854

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  • - With Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, the Qian NVR Kit eliminates the need for separate power cables for each IP camera. The PoE technology enables both data transmission and power supply through a single Ethernet cable, making the installation process more straightforward and reducing cable clutter.
  • - With support for 8MP decoding or 1080P decoding capacity, the Qian NVR Kit enables high-quality video playback, with clear and detailed footage, allowing for better identification of objects, faces, or events captured by the connected IP cameras.
  • - With VGA and HDMI outputs, the Qian NVR Kit offers flexibility in choosing display options. You can connect it to a variety of monitors or display devices, including computer monitors, TVs, or projectors, based on your specific requirements and available equipment.
  • - The 5MP resolution of the 4 IP Cameras delivers sharp and detailed images.
  • - The Qian NVR Kit supports for up to 8TB on the SATA port allows for future expansion and scalability. As storage needs grow over time, you can easily replace the existing 1TB HDD with a higher-capacity drive without replacing the entire NVR system
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